For the year 2024

Enrolment Fees

Rs. 1000 (INR)

Private Tutorials

Rs. 800 (INR) per person per lesson

Joint Tutorials (2 people)

Rs. 600 (INR) per person per lesson

Group (3 or more persons)

Rs. 500 (INR) per person per lesson

Examination Fees

Rs. 1000 (INR)


All students are welcome to bring a tape recorder for use within the classrooms. And it is also highly reccommended to bring a MP3 CD player, as there is a companion CD to the textbook that is recorded in MP3 format.


This textbook was designed by the Landour Language School and is a required component of the Hindi language instruction at the school. Included with the textbook is an MP3 companion CD containing an audio supplement to the in-class instruction.

Course Text Book (Introductory Hindi)

Rs. 2200 (INR)